What the Bible has to say about Wine and Alcohol

Dr. Jim Kaseman

About a century ago, some reputable Hebrew and Greek scholars set forth solid evidence showing that the major words that were translated “wine” in Scripture (Hebrew – yayin, Greek – onios) could mean either fermented or unfermented grape juice. The research of these men clearly demonstrated that the context of divine approval or disapproval in any given passage was the determining factor for interpretation rather than the innate meaning of these words. Consequently, the church has been able to boldly speak against the use of alcohol in any society.

It is important both for the purity and power of the church that the long withheld and suppressed message be exposed to all once again: Alcohol is never approved by God in any amount for the obedient Christian. Alcohol is perhaps the most dangerous drug in any culture because of its complete acceptance by society, its total availability to the populace, and its devastating effect on every area of life- including families, individual health, safety of people from accidents and violence, schools, employment, and government.

It is my prayer that Christians all over the world will boldly take a Biblical position on the use of alcohol so that the church will no longer be conformed to the world, but will be renewed in the things of God and be more effective in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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